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Raise the Bar Recruiting @ CTNX

Raise The Bar Recruiting

Raise the bar recruiting is a unique opportunity that bridges the gap between artists and recruiter professionals at various studios. The “recruiters” that come to CTN range from specific recruiters at top studios to executive producers at start-up companies. Each recruiter that participates in Raise the Bar Recruiting is interested in either filling active open opportunities at their respective companies or updating their talent databases. This program is a high quality pre-selection process that is designed for artists of all skill levels to be considered for future work throughout the film/vfx/animation/game industry. Recruiters review portfolios online before the show and select who they would like to interview, and the team at CTNx will set up a meeting time convenient for both parties during the three-day eXpo. All applicants are notified one way or other about their status.

Simple instructions:

  1. INTRO AND ELIGIBILITY: Raise the Bar recruiting is open to artists who have a a 3-day or VIP pass to the CTN animation eXpo or is an exhibitor or participant of the eXpo. This is an opportunity to potentially interview for a job in the film/vfx/animation/game industry. NOTE: You must be an exhibitor or be an attendee who has a three-day eXpo pass for interview scheduling purposes.


  1. HOW TO ENTER:  Register as an artist by clicking on "Artist Registration" above and start uploading your portfolio/reel as soon as your account has been approved. Choose an array of artwork (12 pieces) that best represents your current skill (as if you are applying to a job). The first day to submit a porfolio is October 1st and the last day to submit a portfolio is October 26, 2014 (EXTENDED TO OCT 28) for the eXpo this year happening throughout the weekend of November 21-23, 2014. However you can start creating your portfolio anytime and once the recruiting opens you can simply "APPLY" your basic portfolio to the event. If you are chosen for an interview you will receive an email from the CTN team on the time and date of your meeting place.


Companies and Independent Filmmakers that have recruited at CTN in the past:

BlueSky Animation Studios

BLT Communications

Cartoon Network

CinderBiter StopMotion Studio

Digital Domain Media Group

Disney Toons Studios

Disney Television Animation

Dragonherder Entertainment

Duncan Studio

Film Roman

Gentle Giant Studios


Illumination Entertainment

Jim Henson Studios

Laika Animation Studios


Pepper Films


Pixar Animation Studios

Rhythmn and Hues

Sony Pictures Animation

Stone Circle Pictures

Thershold Entertainment

Walt Disney Animation Studios

If you have anymore questions please visit our FAQ or email us at recruiting[at]